How to Avoid the Corrosion of the Tank of the Dung Suction Truck?

The popularization of dung suction trucks has greatly improved the work efficiency of sanitation workers. It is easier and faster for sanitation workers to clean up septic tanks, sewers and sludge. But we will also encounter various problems in the process of using the dung suction truck. For example, the corrosion of the tank of the dung suction truck results in the reduction of the service life of the dung suction truck.

As we all know, carbon steel is widely used to make the tank body of the dung suction truck. The thickness of the tank body of the small and medium dung suction truck is generally five centimeters or six centimeters, while the thickness of the tank body of the large dung suction truck is generally eight centimeters. The tank body of dung suction truck mainly relies on its own material, that is the corrosion resistance of carbon steel itself. Under the corrosive nature of fecal sludge, the rust turbidity of oxygen, water and temperature, plus the pressure stress of suction and sewage, the tank of the dung suction truck often has been rusted and penetrated after the use for 4-5 years. Is there any good way to reduce the rust of the tank of the dung suction truck? The answer is yes.

1. First of all, when making the tank body of Hubei dung suction truck, we adopt high-quality carbon steel plate, high-quality carbon steel plate, which has better corrosion resistance and naturally has a longer service life.

2. Spray anticorrosive coating on the inside of the tank of the dung suction truck. Anticorrosive coating can effectively avoid rust. Usually, the tank body of the dung suction truck with anti-corrosion coating has two years longer life than that which does not have protective coating. Others say that spraying a layer of anticorrosive paint on the inside of the tank can also achieve anticorrosive effect. But now the world's rust-proof paint is generally acid paint, while the sludge and feces absorbed by dung suction trucks are alkaline. The combination of acid and alkali produces chemical reaction, which leads to the failure of acid rust-proof paint. Therefore, spraying anticorrosive coating is the effective way.

3. After the operation of the dung suction truck is completed, it needs to be cleaned up in time. Clean up the residual impurities in the tank in time to avoid the residual impurities corroding the tank of the dung suction truck. Keeping the tank clean and dry inside and outside is a good way to effectively reduce corrosion.

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to cause damage to the tank paint and lead to the falling. If there are scratches in the tank car paint, repair them in time, so as to avoid corrosion of the tank.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance of the tank should be done. If it is found that the tank has arose rust penetration phenomenon, it is necessary to repair the corrosion penetration in time. Only after the repair does it not affect the use effect of the dung suction truck.

The suction tank is the main body of the suction truck, the container for sewage impurities, and the main medium for generating vacuum suction. Therefore, the maintenance of the suction tank occupies a high proportion in the maintenance of the vacuum suction truck, which requires the attention of all car owners.