How to Prevent Blockage of Drainage Holes in Suction Trucks?

Although the problem of blockage of drainage holes is not common, it will be very troublesome once it happens. It will not only be full of odor, but also affect the use of suction vehicles in the future. It will also leave light or heavy water stains on the interior panel. Although a 4S shop has blocked dozens of drainage holes a year, in order to eliminate the possibility of blockage of drainage holes, this paper will introduce the location of drainage holes and the hazards of blockage, and judge the blockage situation and dredging methods by means of investigation methods, hoping to attract the attention of drivers.

How to prevent blockage of drainage holes in suction trucks?

Drainage hole location

The drainage holes on the suction truck body are generally distributed in the following places: skylights, engine compartments, under door panels, under spare tyres of the reserve box, and in the fuel tank cover. The most easily blocked places are in the skylight and engine compartment, because these two places are most easily ignored, and debris often accumulate in them, which leads to more and more serious blockage.

Hazard of Drainage Hole Blockage

Nowadays, more and more improvements have been made in details. In order to prevent the blockage of drainage holes, the factory will use thicker rubber pipes, some of which are even designed directly and openly, letting the water flow out along the rust-proof car body. The bad design of the old Maiteng cross-shaped drainage hole has been greatly improved. But even so, it only reduces the probability of blockage of drainage holes. The causes of blockage are different for different locations of drainage holes.

Drainage hole of tank cover

After car washing, we often ignore the situation in the tank cover. Some vehicles will design drainage holes because the opening of the tank mouth is on the upper side and water accumulates easily in the lower part. This drainage hole does not have the entering of the fallen leaves and other debris. If the blockage is happening, it is basically caused by accumulation of dust. What is worse, more water will freeze and tighten the tank cover in winter and breed bacteria in summer. In order to avoid this problem, some vehicles need to modify their internal shape to avoid water accumulation.

Drainage hole under door panel

Nowadays, most of the drainage holes under the door panel have no hose for dredging, and the rainwater leaking into the door will flow down to the lower drainage holes to discharge. Because of the lower drainage holes, the drainage holes of the suction truck traveling on the muddy road for a long time are easily sealed by mud. Drivers should pay attention to inspection. Once water accumulates in the door, the door panel will be blocked. A thin waterproof film on the inside can not stop the erosion of a large amount of rain water. A large amount of water will cause damage to window elevators, audio and other equipment.

Drainage hole of reserve box

Because the spare tyre of the reserve box belongs to the lower position of the car body, the water level of the suction car is too high or the water seeps through the lamp crevice to flow into the car body, the drainage holes will be reserved in the car. However, because of the low efficiency of the drainage holes and the high probability of rainwater backfilling into the car, most manufacturers use soft plastic to block it up and poke it open when releasing water.