"The new time of the new phase pushes forward. Continue to struggle and never stop."" The spring breeze makes the earth shine. It is the horn of progress, the beginning of happiness, and it brings new gains to people. Looking back on 2018, after a year of

Chengli Group held the annual meeting of the "two sessions" (members/special automobile).

Concentrate on the Road of High-quality Development of the Brand and Ensure That the Output Value of the Special Automobile is 6 Billion

"In the spring, thousands of sails compete and war drum urges horse horseshoe fast." The traditional "two sessions" of Chengli Automobile Group were held in succession. For the journey of Chengli Group's “Double Hundred” project, it blew the horn of stride forward.

On March 6, Chengli Group held the whole system "2019 Group Member Factory Economic Work Conference". Nearly one hundred people in charge of each member unit attended the meeting. The group company comprehensively deployed and implemented the economic tasks of the group company this year to ensure that the top 500 private enterprises of the group company reached a new high in 2019. On the afternoon of February 27th, Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. held a comprehensive conference on production economic work of the special steam company in 2019. The heads of the affiliated factories and professional factories, as well as the senior leaders of the group companies and the 76 leaders of the group, attended the important meeting.