Logistics Trucks

Logistics Truck is for a commercial vehicle designed and equipped primarily for carrying goods. It can pull a trailer. Logistics Trucks are generally referred to as cargo trucks, also known as trucks, and are primarily used to transport goods, and sometimes to vehicles that can tow other vehicles, in the category of commercial vehicles. Generally, it can be divided into heavy and light according to the weight of the vehicle. Most trucks use diesel engines as a source of power, but some light trucks use gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas.

Logistics Truck mostly included Tractor Head, Van Truck, Logistics Refrigerated Truck, Logistics Refrigerated Truck, Bulk Cement Truck, Cement Tank Trailer, Bulk Fodder Transport Truck, Car Carrier Trailer, Low Bed Semi Trailer, Container Semi Trailer, Cargo Semi Trailer, Vehicle Transport Semi Trailer, Dolly Trailer.

Logistics trucks series

  • 6X4 Sinotruk HOWO 371HP Tractor Head

    Tractor Head

    Tractor Head is a general large truck or semi-trailer that is towed by a tool be...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5Tons Van Trucks

    Van Trucks

    Van Truck, also called van cargo truck.We can use the van truck to transport man...
  • Logistics Refrigerated Trucks

    Logistics Refrigerated Trucks

    Logistics Refrigerated transport refers to the transportation of perishable good...
  • 3 Axles U Shape 60 Tons Tipper Trailers

    Tipper Trailers

    Tipper Trailers is used for carrying loose material like sand, steel bars, grave...
  • 6X4 Sinotruk HOWO 30CBM Bulk Cement Trucks

    Bulk Cement Trucks

    Bulk Cement Truck, also known as powder material transporter, consists of a spec...
  • 3 Axles 40 CBM Cement Tank Trailers

    Cement Tank Trailers

    Bulk Cement Transportation semi-trailer is a special vehicle for transportation ...
  • 4x2 FOTON 10m3 Bulk Fodder Transport Trucks

    Bulk Fodder Transport Trucks

    Bulk Fodder Transport Truck, also known as bulk feed trucks, bulk grain transpor...
  • 4x2 FAW Car Carrirer Truck for 5 Sets Cars

    Car Carrier Trailers

    A Car Carrier Trailer is a vehicle that transports a car. There are three models...
  • 3 Axles 80Tons Low Bed Semi Trailers

    Low Bed Semi Trailers

    Low-bed semi-trailers are commonly used to transport heavy-duty vehicles (such a...
  • 3 Axles 40Ft Flatbed Container Semi Trailers

    Container Semi Trailers

    Container semi-trailers can transport containers and semi-trailers with non-dang...
  • 3 Axles 60Tons Side Wall Cargo Semi Trailers

    Cargo Semi Trailers

    Warehouse-type Cargo semi-trailers are common semi-trailer vehicles, consignment...
  • 2 Axles Long Distance Enclosed Car Carrier Trailers

    Vehicle Transport Semi Trailers

    Vehicle Transport Semi-trailer designed with a fence structure for vehicle-trans...
  • 2 Axle Low Bed Dollytrailer With Turntable

    Dolly Trailers

    The load of Dolly trailer is entirely borne by itself, and the locomotive is onl...

Logistics trucks by functions

The official name of the truck is a truck (GOODS VEHICLE), a form of car used to carry goods and goods, including dump trucks, towing trucks, off-road trucks in off-highway and no-road areas, and various Vehicles designed for special needs (such as airport shuttles, fire engines and ambulances, tank trucks, container tractors, etc.). See the English-Chinese truck dictionary and truck illustrations.

Cargo transportation is a business that uses cars to carry goods, referred to as car freight, and is a major component of car transportation. Car freight also collects goods for railway transportation, water transportation, and air transportation.

The business of using cars to carry goods, referred to as car freight, is a major component of car transport (see road transport). Automobile freight has the characteristics of a wide area, many points and scattered. It is generally a "door-to-door" direct cargo transportation between the two places, which can save transit loading and unloading costs, reduce cargo damage and shorten the transit time of goods. Car freight also collects goods for railway transportation, water transportation, and air transportation.