Sanitation Trucks

Sanitation Truck is a special vehicle used for city planning and cleaning. Sanitation trucks are mainly divided into sprinkler trucks and garbage trucks, which includes Water Sprinkler Trucks, Sewage/Fecal suction trucks, suction trucks, Road Cleaning Truck, garbage trucks, Sewer Cleaning Truck, High Pressure Cleaning Truck, Guardrail Cleaning Truck, Road Sweepers, Garbage Compactor Truck, Hook Lift Garbage Truck, Side Loader Garbage Truck, Swing Arm Garbage Truck, Side Loader Garbage Truck.

Sanitation trucks series

  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck

    Water Trucks

    Water Truck, also names sprinkling Truck, multi-function watering truck, Garden ...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks

    Sewage Trucks

    Sewage truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers and tr...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Fecal Suction Trucks

    Fecal Suction Trucks

    Fecal suction truck which is mainly used for cleaning special vehicles in septic...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Sweeper Trucks

    Sweeper Trucks

    As one of the sanitation equipment, the sweeper truck is a new type of efficient...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Road Cleaning Trucks

    Road Cleaning Trucks

    The road cleaning truck is a new type of efficient cleaning equipment that integ...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Sewer Cleaning Trucks

    Sewer Cleaning Trucks

    Sewer Cleaning Truck, also names sewer dredging truck, multi-purpose sewage truc...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Garbage Compactor Trucks

    Garbage Compactor Trucks

    Garbage Compactor Truck, also named as waste garbage compactor truck, trash garb...
  • 4X2 Foton 3cbm Hook Lift Garbage Truck

    Hook Lift Garbage Trucks

    Hook lift garbage truck, The hook arm garbage truck is also known as the carriag...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Side Loader Garbage Trucks

    Side Loader Garbage Trucks

    Side Loader Garbage Truck are loaded from the side, also called Hanging bucket g...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Swing Arm Garbage Trucks

    Swing Arm Garbage Trucks

    Swing Arm Garbage Truck, Optional Chassis like DONGFENG, FOTON, FAW, ISUZU, etc ...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Skip Loader Garbage Trucks

    Skip Loader Garbage Trucks

    Skip Loader Garbage Truck, skip loader vehicle (also called swing arm garbage tr...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Dump Garbage Trucks

    Dump Garbage Trucks

    Dump garbage truck is a kind of vehicle equipped with a set of hydraulic system,...
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Docking Garbage Trucks

    Docking Garbage Trucks

    The docking garbage truck is also called the docked garbage truck of the garbage...

Sanitation trucks by functions

Water Sprinkler Trucks
 have the functions of water delivery, spray, flushing and emergency fire fighting. They can adjust the amount of water themselves (injection is column, fog, drizzle), so it can watering both the grass and flower besides the road, as well as tall tree.

Sewage truck is a sanitation vehicle that collects and transfers cleanup sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. Sewage Truck usually equip with an vacuum pump and rubber hose, so it is called Vacuum Suction Truck. Sewage suction trucks can be self-priming and have a large capacity. They are suitable for the suction, shipment, and discharge of sludge in sewers. In particular, it can suck sewage, mud, mud, stones, bricks and other large objects. If only for fecal purpose, an fecal suction truck will be choose, because the cost is cheaper and better meet the fecal purpose. 

Sewer Cleaning Truck is combination of sewage suction, sewer cleaning. It also called High-pressure cleaning Truck, which open the blocked sewer pipelines by the powerful pressure generated by the high-pressure water flow. The main components are tanks, high pressure pumps, and hydraulic systems. The high-pressure sewer cleaning truck is mainly used for cleaning the sediments of urban sewers and pipelines, the dredging of muds in dead corners, and also for cleaning industrial drainage pipelines, walls, etc., and cleaning roads and square grounds.

Garbage Truck is an common used vehicle to transport the garbage in the city area. There are different type, including Garbage Compactor Truck, Hook Lift Garbage Truck, Side Loader Garbage Truck, Swing Arm Garbage Truck, Dump Garbage Truck. Garbage Compactor Truck is mostly common used as it can compact the garbage and carry much larger volume garbage than other type. Hook lift Garbage Truck is also common as it can be very small to work in small and old city road, it can be also large to work as a station to carry large volume to outside city or bigger garbage station. 

Sweeper Truck is an sweeping equipment mounted onto a truck, which can clean the road garbage and also transport the garbage. Serving for different purpose, sweeper truck usually been divided into several type. Pure Dry Type Sweeper is usually called Vacuum Sweeper truck, as there are no brushed installed on the truck. Vacuum sweeper truck equip with large suction pan, which can clean the heavy dust area very efficient, like cement plants, power plants, parking lots, docks, airports, stations. Road Cleaning Truck is a sweeper truck equipped with water cleaning function. In rainy area, usually there will be mud on the road, water flushing is important for the cleaning.