Wrecker Trucks

Wrecker Truck is also known as Tow Truck, or breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or breakdown lorry, which used for road rescue for other broken down vehicle, including trucks, cars.  The light wrecker truck is aimed at light-duty trucks, minivans, and cars. The medium and heavy wrecker truck are targeted at middle and heavy-duty trucks, large and medium-sized passenger vehicles, etc. The super-heavy wrecker truck is targeted at heavy-duty trucks, cargo truck and super heavy-duty semi-trailer series.

Wrecker trucks series

  • Dongfeng 4 Tons Flatbed Wrecker Trucks

    Flatbed Wrecker Trucks

    Flatbed wrecker truck, also called a tow truck, a breakdown truck, recovery vehi...
  • Sinotruk 20 Tons Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

    Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

    Heavy duty tow truck also called heavy accident rescue vehicle. Heavy-duty two t...
  • Dongfeng 5 Tons Integrated Tow Trucks

    Integrated Tow Trucks

    The wrecker truck is called the road wrecker, also known as the road rescue vehi...
  • Dongfeng 3Tons Sliding Platform Recovery Trucks With Crane

    Recovery Trucks

    Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise of CLW Group, China go...

Wrecker trucks by functions

Flatbed Type Wrecker Truck also called Rollback or Slid Wrecker Truck, usually have a flatbed on the truck back. The flatbed is hydraulically controlled by the system, which can be slide and lower down to the ground, then by the pulling of a winch, the breakdown vehicle will be pulled on the flatbed. Flatbed is usually an only small car or smaller vans as the limit of the loading weight. On the end back of the flatbed, there an boom system for wheel-lifting. For Flatbed Wrecker Tow Truck, there are usually 4ton, 5ton, 6 tons, 8ton for choice.

Flatbed Wrecker Truck with Booming Crane is wrecker truck with a crane. It much more convenient to lift any breakdown cars and carried away. There 4 tons, 6Ton available for choice.

Integrated Wrecker Tow Truck usually include both the wheel under lifting system and also the boom crane to lift the whole truck. Booming crane have different options including 16tons, 18ton, 20ton, 30ton etc. It can be made as per customer demand. For the wheel under lifting system, there is even more choice from a small capacity to bigger, including 3Ton, 5ton, 6ton, 8ton, 10ton, 12ton,16ton,20ton etc.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck is usually designed for heavy duty truck and trailer recoveries. It is usually included and heavy duty under lift for wheel lifting and also a 360-degree full rotation crane system. With this heavy duty tow truck, most of the heavy-duty vehicle can be recovered as demand. The largest crane can choose is 30Ton or even bigger as demand.

For all the tow truck, there are many different brands for choice, Dongfeng Tow Truck, Sinotuk HOWO Tow Truck, FAW Tow Truck, Foton/Forland Tow Truck, JAC Tow Truck, ISUZU Tow Truck, JMC Tow Truck, Shacman Tow Truck, Beiben Tow Truck.